Preschool Schedule 2017–2018

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Daily Routine

Morning Afternoon    
9:00–9:15am 12:30–12:45pm Welcome Welcome, sign your name, and play time while we wait for all our friends
9:15–9:35am 12:45–1:00pm Circle Time Let's read together! Calendar, Pledge of Allegience, introduction to theme and letter of the day
9:35–9:55am 1:00–2:00pm Centers Projects featuring the theme of the month & letter of the week
9:55–10:15am 2:00–2:15pm Dramatic Play Active playtime, Let pretend with costumes, music, make-believe and more!
10:15–10:25am 2:15–2:30pm Snack Time Snack and story time
10:25–10:45am 2:30–2:45pm Music/Special Event Music, dancing, and make-believe, and more!
10:45–11:25am 2:45–2:55pm Circle Time Our centers are fun and creative, giving each child opportunity to use and practice what we are teaching, including science activities, writing, and phonics and so much more!
11:30am 3:00pm Pick-up  




Registration fee   $55
Monthly Tuition
3&4 Year Olds (2 days a week) $75
4&5 Year Olds (3 days a week) $95
4&5 Year Olds (5 days a week) $160
Tuition due on the 10th of every month. a $10 late fee will be accessed if past due.